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From Bud To Bed

Delivering exceptional quality and construction to our customers at Flaneur is paramount. Our search for bedding without imperfections and compromises left us disappointed, so we challenged ourselves to create a bedding experience like no other.

We resolved to create a dyeing, weaving, and sewing production process that would elevate the customer experience, returning the craftsmanship of luxury bedding to an art form.

The customizable sheet set can tempt even the most dedicated morning person to linger in bed all day, and are giving luxury bedding a whole new, hipper meaning. — Lonny Magazine

Part One supima® cotton

The Supima® cotton field in California.


Grown only in California and Arizona, Supima’s® extra-long staple yarn has an incredible capacity to consistently absorb color, delivering rich color with a natural golden sheen that adds subtle luminosity. This is, quite literally, the 'seed' of the unique production process at Flaneur.

The cotton is being combed and grouped into strands.

DNA TESTED Supima ® Cotton?

Supima® cotton is the only cotton that can be scientifically certified to ensure a high standard of fiber length. Supima is only grown in certain areas, making it traceable and testable. Flaneur is the first-known brand to invest in independent DNA testing, which guarantees fiber consistency and no pilling.

Supima® cotton is on the left: with a natural golden, buttery sheen.

Flaneur Supima® Color

Optical white, also known as "hotel" white, are heavily bleached, which creates negative environmental and social impacts, going against our core philosophies of sustainable, natural color and product. We celebrate the natural white that exists in nature through our offer of Flaneur Supima® color, a beautiful, natural white.

Flaneur is not only innovative in its technology, but meticulous in regard to design - to guarantee their products are made with 100% Supima cotton, they DNA test every yarn so that they are consistently single origin. — Supima® Organization News

Part Two Dream Weavers

What does thread count really mean?

Thread count simply refers to how many threads are used in the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) when weaving. It's not an indication of the quality of cotton, construction or craftsmanship, instead it's a marketing trick we don't employ. It's just one element of our process, which involves the time-intensive but worthwhile 1-ply, 1-pick weaving method.

1-ply, 1-pick Weaving Technique

Flaneur employs the 1-ply, 1-pick premium sateen, 400-thread count weaving technique, the highest possible thread count achievable in a single square inch of fabric. This achieves a delicate balance of softness and smoothness, sturdiness and breathability. Higher threads counts are achieved with more plies, resulting in the inevitable (and unwanted) pilling.

Our Weaving factory.

Personal engagement, consistency, and quality assurance are at the forefront of every piece that leaves the factory. Every piece is vetted for quality, color, and consistency to Flaneur standards by a manufacturer that is one of a small batch officially licensed Supima® cotton weavers worldwide.

Simultaneously super soft and crisp, thanks to 100 percent Supima cotton and a premium weaving method. — Instyle

Part Three Zipper Duvet Cover

Riri® Zippers: A legend 93 years in the making

For our premium duvet covers, we sought the craftsmen behind the Swiss-made Riri® zippers create the highest quality zippers in the world for Flaneur. Since its founding, the name of Riri® has been associated with luxury fashion brands, and was a perfect match for our luxury dyed-to-order duvet cover.

design of zipper

This zipper has a unique design that makes puller and header of the zipper a single piece, so the zipper pull and the header will never separate on a duvet cover from Flaneur. The teeth will never get "stuck." The sleek grey hue means it adds style as well as function.

Color that rains down...

Rainwater is collected to dye the zippers, an eco-conscious alternative to fresh water. The oxidation process creates a stunning, antiqued effect.

The same goes for their duvet cover, which I have to say is one of the smartest duvet covers I’ve ever seen. I was always annoyed by duvet covers which tied at the bottom, because the ties always came undone. Even buttons never seemed too secure. Flaneur used their brains and put a zipper closure on theirs. Ingenious! — Olivia Bonner at Le club des douze.

Part Four Lyocell Thread

150 years of family

Made from 100% wood pulp, Lyocell sewing thread is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and nearly invisible. Strong and durable, this thread works with finer needles for a discreet, meticulously executed construction. Produced by a family business with a legacy over 150 years in the making

what is lyocell?

Bleached wood pulp is made of cellulose fibers, dissolved using dry jet-wet spinning, creating a form of rayon.

Matching our cotton sheets

Lyocell thread can be garment dyed, because it is 100% natural, so it matches Flaneur premium bed sheets closely in color, creating a "seamless" visual experience.

The company has also made all sorts of other thoughtful choices, including using 100% DNA-tested American-grown, extra-long staple Supima cotton and biodegradable Lyocell thread. — Erin Boyle at Reading my Tea Leaves.

Part Five Craftsmanship

The team leader is sewing the sample for approval.

haute couture bedding

Anchored in a history that dates back to 1835, a select team of tailors sews every piece of Flaneur bedding. The precision of design and execution of hand-sewn French seams at every corner are the result of generations of study, craftsmanship, and teamwork.

The team of tailors that inherit the delicate hand sewing techniques.

French Seam

Every luxury bedding product from Flaneur is finished with a French seam. The raw edges are hidden, so every side is truly the "best" side.

A fabric specialist is ironing the edges and the corners to prepare for sewing

“Flaneur Corners”

The corner of every piece of luxury bedding from Flaneur is crafted to perfection:

  • Fitted sheets: The Flaneur corner is curved instead of sharp so it fits the mattress corner more snugly.
  • Flat sheets: A triangle finish creates a neat and precise finish.
  • Duvet Cover: Four ties in four corners keeps the duvet securely in place.
The perfect cut & sew starts from the precise measurement and cutting.
A night beneath these sheets is like sleeping in the haute couture of bedding — Anne Sage, blogger, ex-co-founder of Rue Magazine.
These sheets also have the most beautiful finishes, including beautiful three-fold seams at the corners of the fitted sheets. — Erin Boyle at Reading my Tea Leaves.

Part Six Garment Dye

Explore the dye house.

Every bed sheet and duvet cover is pre-washed and dyed, using no toxic chemicals, one at a time, by a father-son business located in the heart of Los Angeles. The dyeing process is done in a “garment” dye lot, a small-batch process similar to a washing machine which creates richer, more consistent color.


Pre-washing eliminates shrinkage and improves handfeel, creating a more consistent, luxurious experience with every piece of custom color bedding from Flaneur.

Lived-in style.

Garment-dyeing colors creates rich, beautiful hues--and wonderful nuances and variations in tone which means no one else's bed sheets or duvet covers will look exactly like yours. Lived-in style from Flaneur that feels and looks truly personal and unique to you.