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Flaneur Sheets Reviews

Flaneur Sheets Reviews from our Customers

The following are Flaneur Sheets and Duvet Covers reviews and testimonials we have received from directly from happy customers!  We at Flaneur strive not only to create a superior quality product but also try to provide the highest possible customer service. All of our products are guaranteed - if you are not completely happy with your Flaneur Bed Sheets, Flaneur Duvet Covers 

“Just a note here that I have spent many years trying to find the quality and colors of sheets that you guys carry so yes, please! let me know if you can make the pillowcases and fitted sheet available.”

—— From Cynthia, L.A.

“I put the duvet and pillows. Love them. They are sooo gorgeous. I had a dream the other night and I would like to think about emerald green super bright plant like and fresh looking. Maybe even a lime-like green. Or maybe a jeweled purple? I was going to write to you this week about finding something like that. It was so nice of you to put those colors together. They are beautiful! You are so funny!!you know me!! I love love love all of them.

I'm so happy with my flaneur duvet and pillowcases. They are great!”

—— From Kavita, L.A.

“was so excited to put the Flaneur duvet on my bed. It's gorgeous! The color is simply incredible. I'm going to snap some pictures this weekend and share them on Instagram. Thanks again! I'm a customer for life :)”

—— From Alex, L.A.

“I've been sleeping on my new sheets for the past several nights and am so very happy with them! They are unbelievably soft and smooth, and I have a feeling they will become even softer over time. There is only one problem- my bed is so cozy now I have a hard time getting up in the morning for work!

Great product, very pleased!”

—— From Dori, Boston.

“We received our Flaneur duvet last night, and we absolutely love it. The color and fabric are perfectly luxurious!”

—— From Bridget, Sausalito

Testimonials from Industry Leaders & Influencers

“Perfectly Toned.”

—— Elle Decor.

“The color and the quality. So, so nice!”

—— Bradford Shellhammer, ex-founder/CEO of Bezar

“… We want to sleep on nothing other than sumptuous linen sheets—starting withFlaneur. Their customizable sheet sets can tempt even the most dedicated morning person to linger in bed all day, and are giving luxury bedding a whole new, hipper meaning.”

—— Lonny Magazine

Flaneur is a new brand that we’ve come across that is a pioneer of casual quality bedding; it’s essentially the Barneys NY for sheets.

—— Rue Magazine

“I love them. I took photographs of the box - which is lovely!!”

—— Nicole Cohen, artist, interior designer, blogger at Sketch 42.

“I actually love their branding and the promotional photos they sent over, which is why I initially agreed to post about them, then I really loved the sheets! They are exactly as described – crisp and also smooth, and I can tell they will just get better as I use them. Like, lifer sheets.”

—— Nicole Cohen, artist, interior designer, blogger at Sketch 42.

“A night beneath these sheets is like sleeping in the haute couture of bedding. “

—— Anne Sage, interior designer, blogger, ex-founder of Rue Magazine.

If luxury is what you’re after, Flaneur has your back.

—— Erin Boyle, blogger at Reading My Tea Leaves, ex-editor of Remodelista.

I typically think of myself as more of percale kind of person, but these guys are soft without being too soft. Flaneur’s Baudelaire Supima Golden-White Sheet Set isn’t dyed and the result is a beautiful golden-white color that comes from a sheet that’s not been heavily processed.

These sheets also have the most beautiful finishes, including beautiful three-fold seams at the corners of the fitted sheets.

The company has also made all sorts of other thoughtful choices, including using 100% DNA-tested American-grown, extra-long staple Supima cotton and biodegradable Lyocell thread.

—— Erin Boyle, blogger at Reading My Tea Leaves, ex-editor of Remodelista.

The bedding is all around neutral but I wanted to add a pop of the stylish and trending deep green color, so I chose Flanuer's Botanical Green.

—— Martha Stewart.com

The same goes for their duvet cover, which I have to say is one of the smartest duvet covers I’ve ever seen. I was always annoyed by duvet covers which tied at the bottom, because the ties always came undone. Even buttons never seemed too secure. Flaneur used their brains and put a zipper closure on theirs. Ingenious!

—— Le club des douze, online menswear marketplace.