Flaneur - Change The Sheets

Dyed to order bedding in your personal custom color.

Just as the freshness of an apple or an orange plucked right from the tree has no comparison, we feel the same way about your custom color sheets and duvet covers.


Find Your Own Color

Get inspired by the colors we love in our Color House or choose a specific Pantone hue. No extra charge for any color.

Select a Product

Choose a sheet set, a duvet cover--or both. Each sheet set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Your New Bedding Arrives

10 days later, you've got mail! Your bedding has been custom dyed and pre-washed to ensure no bleeding or shrinkage. It's time to change the sheets.


DNA tested 100% Supima® cotton

DNA testing has recently surfaced as the only way to safely and confidently test the make-up of cotton production. Flaneur is the only bedding brand that conducts DNA testing of every batch of its Supima® cotton to ensure 100% purity. We reject any fabric that contains traces of inferior cotton.

No bleeding. Lived-in Style.

Garment-dyeing colors create rich, beautiful hues--and wonderful nuances and variations in the tone which means no one else's bed sheets or duvet covers will look exactly like yours. Pre-washed to guarantee no bleeding or shrinkage.

The craftsmanship as an art form

Our commitment to quality spans every element, from our clean-fitting French seams to our Riri® zippers, from a Swiss supplier that has been working with the world's top fashion houses since 1936.

The Matisse Collection Collection Image

The Matisse Collection

Matisse likened his use of color as a compelling force, and it should be employed much like a musical chord--every hue a vibrant, equally compelling element. Beautiful, rich, and dramatic in its own right, and we follow this inspiration for our blue hues. From the softest whispers of sky blue to the most saturated of azure tones.

The Ink Collection Collection Image

The Ink Collection

Deeper than imagined and more nuanced than expected, our gray hues are inspired by the subtle fluidity and depth of paintings rendered in ink. Sweeping one moment and nuanced the next, from smoky gray to rich charcoal, our grays bring out the hidden, the unexpected.

The Rococo Collection Collection Image

The Rococo Collection

Our pink hues evoke the sophisticated and elegant portraits and paintings of the Rococo period. With theatre at its core, our pinks flourish and are flamboyant. Intriguing and emotional, this pastel tone curves and flows, winding its way across art and sculpture, society and design.

The Baudelaire Collection Collection Image

The Baudelaire Collection

Infused with a complex sensibility, the core of our palette, Baudelaire, employs the 19th-century poet as its namesake. At once distinctive and compelling, emerging as a constant through unwavering change, Baudelaire endures, a deceptively cultivated hue in its own right.

The Jardin Collection Collection Image

The Jardin Collection

The varying shades of our green tones draw their inspiration from Monet’s Water Lilies painting, from the lily pad highlighted by the glint of the sun’s rays to the mossy reeds hidden in the shadows of the water’s edge.

The Hadrian Collection Collection Image

The Hadrian Collection

Legendary Roman commander, emperor, and builder of ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ forms the rich inspiration for our beautiful purple hues. Compelling and commanding, like the iconic man himself, these colors are focal points, cornerstones of style, personality, and design.

The Flamenco Collection Collection Image

The Flamenco Collection

Our red colors draw their inspiration from the fiery trifecta of Flamenco: song, dance, and music (guitar). An indicator of vitality, strength, and passion to the dancer, our shades of red are compelled by the intensity, beauty, and drama of this Spanish heritage.

The Manet Collection Collection Image

The Manet Collection

Impressionist Edouard Manet, a disregarder of and artistic conventions, chose instead, everyday people as his subjects, in lieu of a more traditional, formal focus. This organic, natural approach, as well as parts of his palette, are the influence of our earth-toned hues.

The Van Gogh Collection Collection Image

The Van Gogh Collection

In sun-drenched Arles, France, Van Gogh found himself compelled by the shimmering goldenrod and luminous yellow hues, and so we find ourselves entranced by our yellow tones. From delicate, buttery yellow to the luxurious sheen of goldenrod, we are captivated by this luminous hue.

The Caravaggio Collection Collection Image

The Caravaggio Collection

Tempermental, rebellious, our brown hues invoke a different Michaelangelo, one Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an enigmatic Roman painter of the Baroque period. Rich, dramatic, and dare we say it, a little dangerous, our brown colors add depth and style.

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Matching Pantone Colors


Perfectly toned.

Elle Decoration

Mix and match custom colors (the entire Pantone color wheel is at your disposal) for the bedding of your dreams.


Their customizable sheet sets can tempt even the most dedicated morning person to linger in bed all day, and are giving luxury bedding a whole new, hipper meaning.


It used to be that you put on your sheets and went to bed. Now it’s become another place to express yourself.


Flaneur is a new brand that we’ve come across that is a pioneer of casual quality bedding; it’s essentially the Barneys NY for sheets.

Rue Magazine

Say goodbye to boring bedding forever. Now you can customize your bed to ANY shade you want with a simple new process.

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